Your love of sport may be the ticket to a global profession

The sport industry has been projected to rapidly grow.

If you have ever wondered how you turn your passion for sport into a profession so you get to do what you love every day, then read on for our five tips for a career in the sport industry.

  1. There’s more to a career in sport than on the field

    Sport is one of the most diverse industries for careers, with a variety of opportunities from commercial, business development and finance roles, to fan engagement, media and marketing. Have a look at our list of careers in the sport industry and see what appeals.

  2. Understanding the industry – trends and growth

    If you are looking for a career in a sustainable and growing industry, then it’s important to do your research and know the facts about the future of your industry. During the COVID-19 pandemic the sport industry has demonstrated its ability to look to the future by focussing on technology and how that will play a big role in the future of sport. Even before COVID-19, the tech sector was already one of the fastest growth areas in sport, where demand for online fan engagement, ticketing, player analytics and eSports is expected to increase to USD $30 billion by 2024 compared to the market value of USD$8.9 billion in 2018 (MarketsandMarkets report April 2019^)

  3. Global connections – sport is universally loved

    Almost anywhere you visit in the world, sport is a common thread that connects people and builds communities. Having a career in a fast-growing industry with global reach, means you need to understand how that industry works on an international scale and have skills that are transferable and applicable to any country in the world. Look for degrees with qualifications that are globally recognised, offer international opportunities from reputable universities and have connections to the sport industry that provide opportunities for internships and hands-on work placements.

  4. Education and specialisation

    Like any international industry, sport needs professionals with globally recognised qualifications. There are many careers within the industry, from accounting to events management to player management. Demand for qualified graduates who have work experience is high.

  5. Passion – doing what you love and working hard for it

Why not turn your passion for sport into a profession? It is possible to do what you love and have a rewarding career with global opportunities.

Find out more about the Bachelor of International Sport Management or, if you are an International Baccalaureate school or student, find out more about International Sport Management Career-related programme opportunities.

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