Studying doesn’t have to mean giving up on your passion for sport

A flexible degree that helps you get the best of both worlds.

If you are interested in studying the Bachelor of International Sport Management, you most likely have that extra passion for sport. We get you – whether you play for fun, love to watch or are an elite athlete, we know how important sport is.

In fact, one of the key elements considered in designing the degree was how it might fit with an athlete’s training and competition commitments.

Here are three ways our flexibly structured degree helps sport and study to work together.

  1. You are in control of your schedule

    Sport is rooted in training, practice, commitment, and structure – which can be time consuming, making a flexible study approach so important.

    The Bachelor of International Sport Management can be completed part-time over a ten-year period giving you the freedom to plan around your commitments and the ability to achieve your goals in both sport and study.

  1. You can study from anywhere

    A 100% online degree means having access to your studies, no matter where you are which means no missed lectures. Everything you need is available when you need it, with plenty of opportunities to engage with your teacher and your peers, and to learn from global sport industry leaders through real-life case studies, lectures and interviews – all online from anywhere in the world.

  2. Real industry experience – when and where you choose

    A career in sport management is diverse – from talent management to data analytics to event management and much more. Whatever pathway you choose your degree will give you firsthand experience in the industry through its unique partnership with the World Academy of Sport. Work placement opportunities can occur locally to you or internationally – meaning real life experiences when and where it suits you.

Final thought - your passion for sport is your pathway to success

The love for sport can be the one thing that motivates people to get out of bed early, at the crack of dawn to train, and it can also be what defines your success in your career. The sport industry is underpinned by the worlds’ love of sport, and that unified dedication to sport keeps people watching and players playing.

Take that same motivation to your studies – and you will be sure to succeed!

Did you know?

Pat Cummins, a top Australian cricket player and recipient of the highly regarded Allan Border Medal, knows firsthand the challenges and the benefits to studying while living out his sporting career.

Pat took six years to complete his three-year degree, and although at times this felt like an uphill battle, the achievement outweighed the challenges. The study was something that offered him enjoyment and was sometimes a break from his high performance training.

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