A degree purpose built for the growing sports industry

Sport has always captured the hearts and minds of people worldwide, and COVID-19 aside, the global sports industry has successfully continued to show growth across the sector.

Globally trusted consulting company Kearney estimates that the sports industry (including sports events, infrastructure, sports goods, products, corporate services and HR) is only growing, with projected growth in market size of $750 billion USD^.

With this growing industry in mind and in collaboration with the leading sports global educational body, the World Academy of Sport, the Bachelor of International Sport Management and CRS program was brought to life.

Delivered 100% online and accessible to students all over the globe, our degree aims to bring like-minded sports enthusiasts together to share their passion for the industry, growing their skills and knowledge to enter the industry as professionals. The online delivery allows professional athletes a chance to continue their professional careers and study behind the scenes.

A growing industry means growing demand for jobs across the sector. Our degree will align you with relevant case studies, global networking and unique work experience opportunities preparing for your future career.

Several different roles are essential to keeping the sports industry moving. Our degree will help students immerse their education into event management, marketing, law, policy, and media.

For more information on the Bachelor of International Sport Management get in touch.

^A.T Kearney Winning the Business of Sports

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