A degree purpose built for the growing sports industry

While the sports industry continues to grow worldwide, the bachelor of International Sport Management sets to address the growing need for qualified and passionate sport professionals.

Olympic and Paralympic host cities benefit from Games Experience Programme

15 September 2021

Konstantinidis says that a key advantage of hosting the two Games together is for the Paralympics to benefit from the infrastructure and planning put in place for the Olympics.

Students learn from sport industry leaders

3 September 2021

The Game Experience Programme provides senior members of sporting organisations to come together and learn about the areas impacting the coordination, management and running of major sports events

How a dual career can give athletes life balance and a sporting edge

22 June 2021

For many athletes, competing at the highest level means rigorous training sessions, endless travel and times of extreme isolation away from friends and family, leaving little time for anything else.

Studying doesn’t have to mean giving up on your passion for sport

21 January 2021

Studying doesn’t have to mean giving up on your passion for sport. The two can work together, side by side - even at an elite sporting level.

There is more to online education than 'flicking a switch'

3 December 2020

The recent health crisis caused by COVID-19 has meant that many institutions have had to think on their feet and deliver online education overnight.