Hear from professionals thriving in the sport industry. Their experience offers insight into fields spanning global events, sports marketing, branding, digital solutions, community participation and more.

Ben: Chief Operating Officer

"There’s something unique about being able to give back to the industry you work in and see the positive influence sport can have on communities around the world. This degree is a great opportunity- it gives you the exposure to the different areas in the industry from HR to events, while giving you the specific skills you need to excel throughout your career.

The professionalism of the sport industry is increasing all the time and it needs more qualified people to fill the roles that will support it into the future, as well as more diversity in leadership across the industry."

Ashlea: Senior Digital Product Owner

"I’ve always wanted to work in sport. I have fallen into digital now and am really enjoying that – but a lot of my memories as a kid are around sport. My best memories are at sporting clubs and playing and for me to be able to provide opportunities for more people to do that is awesome. I want to give other people the same passion for sport that I had, and help clubs deliver experiences like I had.

The number of people who you can influence is a little bit different at the grassroots level and the relationships that you form there, I find really rewarding. People don’t take themselves too seriously. We’re all passionate about what we do, we’re all trying to inspire people to have a good time."

Brad: Account Director

"Sport has a powerful voice – I get to tell that story through brand partnerships that add value. Working on the business side of sport industry I also get to contribute to the sustainability of sport at every level from the grass roots to the elite – an opportunity I’m passionate about."